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Breakfast of Champions!!!! Handheld or Smothered and Covered???

Who doesn't love a Breakfast Burrito??? Here is a healthy option that is one of my favorites. Another thing I love about breakfast burritos is they are easy to prep, you can put them in the freezer and warm them up daily. This can alleviate having to cook when mornings can be so busy and hectic!


2 Eggs

Carb Chopper Tortilla Wrap Size (regular size is also an option)

2 oz Red Potato

28 Grams of Shredded Cheese

Optional - Vegetables (onions, mushrooms, green chile, bell peppers)

Red Chile


Scramble eggs and onion (add any optional vegetables up to 4 oz). Add Scramble to warmed tortilla and add 2 oz of cooked potatoes). Wrap the burrito and add red chile and cheese to the top for a "Smothered and Covered" Burrito. If you want a hand held add the cheese and chile inside and warp it to go.


  • Egg whites instead of Eggs

  • Add Salsa

  • Use Corn Tortillas to make tacos

  • Use regular sized low carb tortillas to make tacos

We hope enjoy this great breakfast option! Be sure to chat with your nutritionist so this can be incorporated in your daily meal plan with your macros! What Diet???? ENJOY!!!!

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