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Chips and Salsa for the Perfect Snack!

Who doesn't love some chips and salsa???? Now we are able to offer this as a snack in your meal plan without the guilt. If you haven't had the opportunity to have these chips get with your nutritional coach to see how they can be incorporated. Also be sure to get yourself over to your local Albertson's to get your hands on these chips and salsa - THEY GO FAST!!!! The MILD salsa is the ONLY option that is approved as the sodium content is 30 mg per serving. Don't forget to look at your labels to ensure you are purchasing the correct one.

Great Tip:

Make sure to weigh out your appropriate serving size of your chips and salsa. It is extremely easy to get carried away by grabbing straight from the bag. Remember we are offering things in moderation and teaching you balance of life. Enjoy this guilty pleasure without the guilt. This is all about healthier habits and breaking those bad ones.

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