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Best Yogurt Parfait on EARTH!!!

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring - think of it as a TREAT!!! I might even think it very well could be the best way to start your day! You can even incorporate this parfait as a snack! Talk to your nutritionist to see how we can make this possible for you.


1 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

1 Cup Strawberries (144 grams)

1 Oz. Sliced Almonds (28 grams)

1 Serving Dairy Whipped Topping (2 tbsps)


After weighing out all of your ingredients i.e - fruit and nuts. You are going to layer your parfait. Start with fruit on the bottom, add some yogurt, then a layer of nuts and repeat. Once this is completed - put your parfait on the scale and weigh your whipped topping. Add nuts to the top for some garnish and to make it look SUPER appetizing!!! If it looks AMAZING it will taste even MORE AMAZING!!!!


  • different berry option for your fruit

  • different nut option

  • try different flavors of yogurt to change it up

  • try throwing it in the freezer for a few minutes before indulging

Now the thought of giving up your waffles or oatmeal for breakfast may not be that bad afterall.... haha! Just Saying :)

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