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Getting Your Produce to Last Longer!!!

Fresh produce is something that we advocate for and that is what helps our program to be sustainable. It is always best to get those vitamins and nutrients that fuel our bodies from fresh non-processed items. We have recently heard clients talking about how fruit and produce is going bad quicker than usual. We thought we would share these great articles and give you tips on how you can take preventative measures on making them last longer to keep a longer shelf life! We hope this information is helpful!

Below you will find two great articles that have valuable information and are definitely worth the read.

Caroline Lange

Bon Appetit (2020)

"10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh Until Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store" - Bon Appetit

Meghan Overdeep

Southern Living (2016)

"This Easy Hack Will Keep Your Berries Fresher Longer" - Southern Living

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