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Healthier Version of Paletas.... YES PLEASE!!!

If you are looking for an alternative option for this yummy treat look no further. And the best part about it is I have created it to where you do not have to stray away from your meal plan. AND.... there is one "semi" naughty addition - which is not as bad as it sounds. You can make it work without feeling the major guilt we have all felt before... "Why did I do that?" or "Was it even worth it?"

Please find this quick and easy recipe that will make you want to eat these Paletas everyday!!!!

Homemade Healthy Paleta


1 - 5.3 oz. container - Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt Greek Yogurt

14 grams - sliced non salted almonds

Note: If nuts are not on your meal plan don't add them - there are so many amazing flavors to choose from - the nuts are just an added bonus.

Mix the almonds in the existing container of yogurt. Put the contents in a popsicle mold (you can purchase at Walmart, Marshalls or Target) and freeze. The specific mold I was able to find will make two paletas per one serving of yogurt. You might be able to find a larger size that will fit one serving, just adjust accordingly.

AND.... for that added extra treat I mentioned. You can mix up 1 serving of PB2 and add that to the contents before freezing.

We are here to teach you sustainability and open your eyes on how to get creative with your meals and your food. This is a prime example on how a "cheat" does NOT have to be too far off from your meal plan. You still can satisfy that craving without the excess calories that we often times end up regretting in the long run. Remember your goals! This is YOUR journey and keep going!!!! You are doing an amazing job and we are proud of you!!!!

Pictured Below: Toasted Coconut Paleta with Sliced Almonds!!!

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