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The Ultimate Trifecta!!!!

We have recently been on the look out for products to offer more client variety while still staying within the ramifications of our King of Kings Principles and... WE HIT THE JACKPOT!!!!!

The Three Items:

  • Leal's "Seasoned" Tortilla Chips

  • Ritz "Hint of Salt" Crackers

  • Frito's Lightly Salted Corn Chips

ARE ALL APPROVED!!! Once again just a friendly reminder to ensure you are picking the correct product off of the grocery store shelves. We want to make sure you are enjoying yourself while still remaining on your nutritional plan.

Another great thing is be sure to speak to your nutritional coach - these are already incorporated into our KOK Web Based Application. These items can allocagted into your macros and be part of your weekly meal plan!!!

All of thees items can be found at ANY of your local grocery stores - with the exception of the Leal's "Seasoned" Tortilla Chips - the ONLY place we have been able to find those is at Albertson's.

Happy Shopping All!!!!

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