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This Little Goat Went to ... CUBA!!!!

It's "Tasty Tip Thursday" we would like to introduce you to a new spice we recently discovered. This tasty and tangy line of spices are full of flavor!!! There are several "destinations" for these themed spices and take note that some DO have sodium!!!! We are happy to announce "This Little Goat Went to Cuba," is 100% King of Kings Approved with ZERO SODIUM!!! This is an AWESOME spice that will add a unique flavor to anything you put it on. You can get it online, however those of you who are interested in "instant gratification" - Albertson's is the place!

Happy Shopping While it is Still on the Shelves :)

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Mar 15, 2021

Found the last one hidden away in the back! Can’t wait to try this


Looks yummy, where can you find it?

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