"I’ve heard it said, “it’s tough losing weight” and though it may be true, it is even tougher living with all that extra weight.   If you are tired of being tired; If you are sick of the stranger starting back at you in the mirror; if you are serious about making a change but don’t know where to start, give Coach Isaac a call. Because Isaac listened to God’s call on his life, he was able to help me change mine.  And what a beautiful life it is! "

Janelle Rodriguez

"Issac has served as our nutrition coach since 2017 and each day I’m so thankful for what he has brought to my family, my health and me personally. As a physician, I know the importance of good health and nutrition and I recognize the benefits that one can achieve with a focused effort at managing one’s health. Despite being in healthcare and having good intentions I previously struggled with success and needed a change. Isaac brought this change and  has given me the power to unlock my fears and conquer the impossible with respect to my health and personal goals. This journey and transformation has become a wonderful, life long journey that Isaac continues to support me through as a coach, mentor and most important a friend.
Thank you!🙏🏻"

Angela Gallegos-Macias

Sherrye Lynn Martinez

"I love the results and his program works.  I get so many compliments and praise from family, friends and co-workers and I have even inspired some of them to join the program with great success as well.  Coach Isaac is the best.  His program works if you do.  He is caring and has such a big heart and desire to really help you achieve your goal.  He knows what works so just do what he says.  The weekly check-ins are what worked for me and made me accountable for what I was eating.  It motivated me to stay on track and get the praise each week.  He will work with you no matter what you are going through.  I am so happy and blessed to be able to work with him.   My boyfriend was amazed with my results and dedication that he decided to join again and do the program with me this time. " 

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