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My name is Isaac Velarde founder and owner of King of Kings Superior Nutrition Inc.  After 21 years of service working at Intel Corporation, i left my position as an Yield Quality Engineer to pursue my dream of coaching others in their journeys to a healthier more fit lifestyle.

I am a certified Nutritional Specialist and Team Coach for King of Kings Superior Athletes (Fitness & Competition Team).  I have 5 years of experience coaching clients of all walks of life. Those trying to lose weight, put on muscle mass, change bad eating habits, or getting ready for Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions.   My passion and desire for helping others reach their fitness goals is something that drives me daily.  

I struggled with my weight since the young age of 8 years old.  8 years ago I made a decision to get healthy and change my life by embarking on a journey which led me to lose 161 pounds and have my transformation featured on Bodybuilding.com and the Video produced by Eric Martinez as seen on the website.  I am now a competitive Bodybuilder and have been able to live a balanced fit lifestyle since my initial goal was obtained.




On this journey I have learned so much and met some amazing people that have not only mentored but taught me how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.  I am now ready to lead you on your own journey to a healthy lifestyle.

This 13 week program is exclusively designed to meet your goals, taking into account your health, lifestyle, daily schedule and  desired goal.  I use a scientific approach to macro dieting, where i manipulate your macros based upon your progress weekly.  We establish a baseline and then use this data to determine serving sizes, foods best for your body as well optimal macro-nutrients for your body.

My experience ranges from weight loss, to building muscle or just trying to learn how to eat more healthy.  I work with clients that have medical issues such as Diabetics, Hoshimotos, Blood Pressure, Hyper and Hypothyroid.  I work with vegetarian and vegan clients as well.





(text message is best way to contact me)