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Cup of Calm ..... Taking your Zzzzz's to the next level!!!!

As a client you have changed how you are eating, which means you definitely have experienced a difference in energy levels and sleeping patterns. Did you ever think you would sleep through the night or stop waking yourself up from your snoring??? I am confident as you are implementing healthy eating habits this is the best sleep you have ever had! You might not feel it right away, however that is why we talk to you about non scale victories or to be aware of the intangible changes you are feeling especially with the changes to your sleep. Just when you think you cannot get any better sleep... you are wrong! I was turned on to "Cup of Calm" by my younger sister just after she had her baby! In the past I experienced difficultly sleeping and when i tried melatonin - I would wake up with horrible vivid dreams that were essentially nightmares! Then of course doing our meal plan made a huge difference and now I religiously have my "cup of calm" tea before bed. What I love about this tea is you have a peaceful and sound sleep! You wake up revived, ready to tackle the day and don't have that typically groggy feeling when waking up. And I will tell you - when I wake up in the morning from having my tea my first thought is "I cannot wait to get back in bed tonight" and I jump out of bed ready to crush the day! I hope you get the opportunity to try this tea option- it is AMAZING!!!!! I will be curious on your thoughts and feedback! Happy Sleeping!!!!

*** You can purchase this Cup of Calm at your local Sprouts or Whole Foods Grocery Store

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Got this on Amazon - so good!

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