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Hot Sauce to make the Heart Happy!!!!!!!

Check out this amazing new hot sauce by HERDEZ. I came across this bottle while going through the aisles at Albertson's and to my surprise the numbers look good enough to be King of Kings Approved! I purchased a bottle and began to use it ---- it is ABSOLUTELY a favorite for me!!! Just like any other product we have on the blog please make sure you are adhering to the serving size on the bottle! Below I have some ideas on how you can use it.

Hot Sauce Uses:

  • Tacos

  • Salad Dressing (add some natural rice vinegar for volume)

  • Add to your fish after it is cooked or even in the cooking process for flavor

  • Quesadilla dip

  • Flavoring for your morning or snack omelettes

  • Boiled Egg Salad

  • Use as a spread for your wraps or sandwiches

  • Add to your tuna


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