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Looking for a little something to add some flavor to your proteins??? Look no further!!!!

Today is National Mustard Day.... In Observance of this day we wanted to share with you a product that is not only approved but it is one of Coach Isaac's FAVORITES! He will add this to his turkey or any protein he has on his meal plan and he calls it a "game changer." And... he may or may not keep a healthy supply in the office refrigerator.

This is a great option because it stays within the <65 mg of sodium. It is also a quick fix if some of your meat is dry or if you are looking for a quick alternative flavor to spice things up this will do the trick! This specific mustard can be found at your local Albertson's. Keep in mind you can get a version of this pretty much at any grocer. Please keep an eye on the sodium content to double check it is in the acceptable range.


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Is there another brand similar? I am not having any luck finding it at Walmart.


Just try this, and it is AMAZING!

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