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Our Version of a Healthy "Frito Pie"

We are always trying to come up with alternatives to give clients a wider variety of options for this new and improved healthier lifestyle we are leading! Who is missing "Frito Pie?" Well.... look no further we have King Of Kings approved version of it that is sure to be another great option for you and some spring BBQ's. Below is not necessarily a specific recipe but rather an idea on creating this meal. I will also reference former blog posts with recipes for you to go back to.


  • 1 lb. 99% Ground Turkey (96% ground beef is an alternative)

  • Pinto Beans (black beans are an alternative)

  • New Mexico Red Chile (reference previous blog post for the recipe)


  • Red or White Diced Onions

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Shredded Cheese or Sliced Cheese (depending on what is on your meal plan)


First put your serving size of your beans in a bowl, add your cooked meat, add your red chile (typically up to 1/4 cup is a good serving size for this condiment) then add your cheese and your lettuce and onions and serve.

Helpful Tip: For example if you are at a point where carbs are eliminated from your meal plan this "frito pie" will turn into a "frito pie salad" and is still very enjoyable. If you are NOT a red chile person feel free to use green chile and this can be considered part of your vegetable intake.

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