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Product Spotlight! Something New to Try!

Here is a new product we found that is something you can get creative with. This Cherry and Apple Pie NO SUGAR ADDED filling by Bake Good is a great option for your creative juices to get flowing! You can find these items in the baking section of your local Neighborhood Walmart. In order to make these King of Kings "approved" we will allow HALF of the serving size listed on the jar. Which means 43 grams is allowable in regard to your meal plan. This can be used as a substitute for your sugar free jelly with your morning waffles or you can see if there are other items on your meal plan where you can incorporate it.

We really pride ourselves on giving you options that allow you to have some goodness. The alternative options given are different that your old eating habits which is what makes this lifestyle changes manageable and sustainable.



1 Carb Chopped Tortilla

43 grams - Apple or Cherry Filling (Bake Good Brand)

14 grams - Unsalted Walnuts

1 Stevia in the Raw Packet

2-3 sprays - "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"

Combine all of the ingredients above together and fold into your carb chopper tortilla. Roll it like a chimichanga and spray the outside with your butter spray. Put it in the air fryer for 5-7 mins (on 300 degrees) or until it gets the crisp you desire ---- and ENJOY!

This is just another sweet option to allow you to indulgence without veering from your meal plan!

Happy Friday!!!!

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