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Red or Green? BOTH options are available on the shelves!!!

Most of us are familiar with the question - Red or Green.... on the chile side of course! Typically people like to use fresh green chile - whether you are out of your frozen chile or you simply you don't have the time or desire to thaw or peel it... these options are so convenient.

The chopped red or green chile are low in sodium and very tasty!!!! You can purchase these jars at your local grocery store. You can find them at Smith's, Albertson's, Walmart or your Neighborhood Walmart - they will be located near the local products and often times are on an endcap of an aisle. Keep in mind your chopped red or green chile can be part of your vegetable allotment.

Important: To ensure you are getting the correct product this is the chopped Chile that is 15 mg of sodium. Make sure you are NOT selecting the green chile or red chile sauce.... the first indicator is the high level of sodium content.

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