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Supplement Spotlight "Cat's Claw" by JHILFITNESS

Hidden away deep in the Amazon Rainforest is a vine that has been used by locals for hundreds, if not thousands, of years for its numerous health benefits…Una De Gato, or as we call it, Cat’s Claw.

Traditionally, Cat’s Claw is prepared as a tea by boiling the roots and bark of the vine, but it is typically found these days in pill form or in a liquid tincture. It was used as an all-in-one health tonic used to treat a variety of illnesses, and is now most commonly used to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Cat’s Claw has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body(notice a theme with a majority of supplements I have discussed?), and although there is limited research done on it, it has been shown to decrease pain associated with RA.

Along with joint inflammation, Cat’s Claw may also help with gut inflammation, which may aid those suffering from leaky gut, Crohn’s Disease and other similar conditions.

Una De Gato stimulates the production of cells in the immune system, and has shown to slow down the growth of certain cancer cells. While there is a lack of studies, many people take Cat’s Claw to help relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies. Most studies have been conducted on mice, but results have been positive thus far.

There are interactions with certain medications and conditions, so as always, please discuss with your doctor prior to adding ANY supplement to your daily regiment.

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