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Announcing what you have been waiting and asking for!!! More options but in moderation!!!

You asked and we listened!!!! We are pleased to announce we are introducing some of the high sugar items to your meal plan... but in moderation.


  • Sodium Free Ketchup (Heinz no salt added ketchup)

  • Salsa <65 Mg of Sodium

  • High Sugar Vegetables (approved in moderation)

I would suggest you go to your web based application and "Download Information Sheet." This will be a great opportunity to get a refresher on the "Do's and Do Not's" of the program. We have completely updated this sheet and some of the items have changed or been revised.

More specifically pay attention to the vegetable area where we have moved the high sugar items to be consumed in moderation. Additionally, you will want to go to the condiments area as well to see what items have been revised in that specific area. As we are now allowing some items we were not before, but they have to coincide with certainly numbers.

Should you have questions or seek additional guidance please reach out to your nutritional coach. We are delighted to offer some more variety to our meal plan and this will add to the sustainability.

In Good Health!

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