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Beef Pot Roast.... It's What's for Dinner

Beef Pot Roast is another favorite, especially around this time of year when the weather is getting colder! Here is a simple recipe for a tender and juicy pot roast that can either be cooked in the CrockPot or your InstaPot.



3-5 lb Boneless Eye of Round Roast

4-5 Garlic Cloves (minced)

1/2 White or Yellow Onion (roughly chopped)

1 Tbsp dry or fresh Rosemary

Flavor Enhancement Tip: to add a different flavor profile add 3 chopped staulks of celery to your pot roast. This will add the traditional flavor we are typically used to WITHOUT the carrot flavor (since they are an unapproved vegetable). NO CARROTS

After trimming off any excess fat from your roast we need to brown it. Using approved spray oil add minced garlic to frying pay and add the roast browning the meat on all sides. Then add roughly chopped onion to frying pan just for browning and add about 1/2 cup of water to frying pan. Once this is completed add the seared roast to your CrockPot or InstaPot along with the water and browned garlic and onions. Fill the pot with additional water until meat is covered to your desired level, typically just covering top of it. Add rosemary and let it cook until ready.

Once the pot roast is complete - use two forks and shred the meat keeping it in the juice.

This shredded pot roast is a perfect winter option. Here are some different serving ideas with different carbohydrate options which is why I love this beef option. It truly is so versatile, yet so enjoyable!

Serving Ideas:

Corn Tortillas - shredded tacos, enchiladas or taquitos

Red Potatoes - True Pot Roast style or some mashed potatoes or caldito / soup with juice

Rice - rice is always a good additional to meat ---- right?

Beans - yes please!


When you are weighing your meats that have been cooked in juice (or beans) make sure you are measuring your volume of food WITHOUT the juice. This is what makes certain you are getting the correct volume of food on your weights and measurements of your serving sizes. Then you can always add the juice and that does NOT need to be weighed for volume.

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