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Breakfast Sandwich Of Champions!!!

This is a NEW breakfast favorite of MINE! Since we just approved the English Muffin last week for meal plans, I have been experimenting and this is a WINNER in my book!


1 English Muffin (100 Calorie Thomas Multi-Grain)

Eggs (one or two depending on your meal plan)

Veggies (Diced onion, bell peppers and fresh green chile)

Pickled Onions (see recipe on previous blog post)

Cheese (sliced or shredded depending on your meal plan)

Toast English Muffin (I used "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter")

Sauté veggies in frying pan using spray oil, add eggs and make an omelette.

Fold omelette in half and add it to the toasted english muffin. As cheese to melt, top off with pickled onions and serve. This is a super AMAZING breakfast and I hope you all think so TOO :)

Additional Options:

  • Use egg whites or egg beaters instead of eggs

  • Add avocado instead of cheese

  • Get creative and make an avocado "toast" sandwich or open faced sandwich

  • Create a burger for dinner with ground beef

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