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Change it up with a Stuffed Mushroom!!!!

If you are looking to change up your meals this option is quick and easy and do NOT require much prep time.

Stuffed Mushroom Delight


1 Portobello mushroom (can weight 4.5 - 5 ounces BEFORE cooking)

5 oz. cooked ground turkey

Green Chile (as an added option)

29 grams of shredded cheese

Put your cooked ground turkey on top of the raw portobello mushroom, add your green chile and cheese and put it in the oven or airfyer. Depending on which method of cooking you use the length of time is going to be different. Cooking temperature should be close 325-350.

Keep in mind we are not adding any additional veggies because the mushroom is going to act as your entire veggie serving. This is an ideal meal for a NO CARB option.

Enjoy this recipe and keep us posted on any variations you might have tried.

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