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Chilaquiles for a Meal Idea!!!!

Just a quick tip for a fun meal idea - CHILAQUILES!!!!!


  • Corn Tortillas or Carb Chopper Tortillas (see homemade tortilla chip recipe on previous blog post for Tomatillo Salsa or Taco Salad Post)

  • 96% of leaner Ground Beef

  • White Onion

  • Red Chile

  • Eggs

Who doesn't like the some variety to your daily meals. This option can be breakfast for dinner - or this can be a great weekend brunch item or treat based on your existing customized meal plan! Enjoy this meal idea and let us know if it satisfies that craving for Traditional Mexican Food with a New Mexican twist! I have provided the key ingredients to this meal idea - now it is your turn to try it and get your own creative juices flowing.

*Please note all items might NOT be part of your meal plan. Be sure to make the appropriate adjustments to your "meal idea" above based on your customized meal plan and your serving sizes

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