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Chilaquiles Made Easy by our client Karla Chacon

We are always encouraging out clients to get creative with their food! A big THANK YOU to Karla for sharing this recipe with us! We love how she utilized new approved products that we have posted to come up with this creative option!!!!


(one serving size)

5 oz. Lean Ground Beef (Ground Turkey is an option)

10 Tortilla Chips - Leals Brand (on past blog posting)

1/4 cup - Shredded Cheese

1 tbsp - Chili Powder




Brown meat in pan, once it is done add chili powder and water to make sauce. Bring to a boil and wait until it thickens (will not be too thick because we are not using flour). Place chips on plate and layer with chili meat, cheese, lettuce, onion and any other approved vegetables.


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