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Coach Lesley's "Lucky 13" Must Haves!!!!!

Greetings King of Kings Family - I wanted to share my top 13 items that are my FAVORITE "go to" products!!! These are specifically geared toward those of you who need more flavor in your meal prep and especially for our NEW clients. This is a list you can take to the store and ALL of these items can be incorporated in ANY meal plan! These are what I would consider ENHANCEMENTS and/or condiments. With that said - please be mindful to the specific serving sizes if applicable on these respective items. All of these items are religiously stocked at my house and ready for use! These are my secrets!

ENJOY more flavors to your everyday foods!!!!!!

  1. Organic Olive Oil Spray (Walmart) or Chosen Avocado Oil Spray (Albertson's or Target)

  2. "Natural" Rice Vinegar

  3. "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"

  4. Sweet and Spicy Mustard or Southwest Mustard

  5. Herb Ox Sodium Free Bouillon (Neighborhood Walmart)

  6. Ground Cinnamon

  7. Frozen Red or Green Chile (check sodium) Dry Red Chile Powder is a great option as well

  8. Liquid Smoke

  9. B. Bob's Ginger Sauce (Albertson's)

  10. Organic Sriracha (Sprouts)

  11. Fresh Lemons and Limes

  12. Fresh Garlic

  13. Fresh Onions (all colors)

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