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Creative Ideas for a Tuna Melt

Tuna has always been a favorite of mine. Often times when I am talking to clients and I offer Tuna as a meal option- everyone thinks it has to be a dry and unpleasant meal! My tuna sandwiches are just the opposite - they are tasty, creative and FULL of flavor!

Keep in mind we are not eating tuna like we are used to growing up as a kid..... I think the thought back then was the whiter the tuna the better right? WRONG!!!! If you are hesitant about Tuna - maybe even talk to your coach and try out this recipe to see if this is something you can do. My guess would be that you will change your mind about tuna and try it in your meal plans!


2 Slices of Approved Bread

1 Can of Approved Tuna (less than 280 mg of sodium) Lower the sodium the better

Sliced Cheese (less than 140 mg of sodium)

Diced White Onion (amount as desired)

1 oz of Avocado

Up to One Serving of Miracle Whip (mustard can also be substituted)

Chopped Green Chile

Salt Free Spice

Mix Drained Tuna in bowl, add diced white onion, 1 serving of Miracle Whip, avocado, green chile and no sodium spice. Mix together and put tuna in frying pan with your spray oil and flip to crisp up both sides. Meanwhile toast your bread and once the tuna is warm add cheese to melt.

Helpful Tips: You don't have to make this into a Tuna Melt - you can serve it cold and add the slice of cheese with some lettuce and a slice of tomato for an alternative taste and crunch to it.


If you are craving the salty pickle flavor in your tuna, just add a dash of white vinegar and that will give you the flavor you are looking for!

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1 Comment

Lu Cía
Lu Cía
Aug 02, 2023

So good!!

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