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FLAVORFUL Chipotle Paste to add to your Meals!!!

Hello King of Kings Family!!!! I am always on the search for any products that are King of Kings approved... and I came across this awesome Chipotle Paste. There are many different flavors in this product line - but this is the ONLY one that is approved to incorporate in your meal plan!

Useful Tips:

  • Pre-season your protein

  • Use in the cooking stages when browning your protein

  • Add to rice

  • Add to beans

  • Use in your vegetable stir fry

  • Add to your egg scrambles

  • Add to your homemade honey mustard dressing for salads (on previous blog post)

As you can see based on the suggestions above this can be used with anything. This is going to give that subtle smokey flavor without the stronger level of smoke you get from liquid smoke.

You can purchase this off the shelf at Walmart or the Neighborhood Walmart. You can also do a search online as well. ENJOY!!!

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