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Halloween Candy Calories can Add Up!!!!

Now is the time where everywhere you turn there is Halloween Candy!!! Whether you are at the bank, doctors office or at work there are bowls and bowls of CANDY!!!! Remember it is OKAY to partake and have a little indulgence, after-all we are here to teach you balance of life. However, make sure to know when to reel it in. We can get into some trouble just like we can get into trouble with Peanut Butter!!!! Does this sound familiar? Moderation is the key!

We have come up with a couple listings of the calories in popular Halloween Candies that are rather difficult to stay away from. Many people are "visual" and this is another way to understand what you are indulging in and how exactly the numbers compute and ADD up. Ask yourself is it worth it?

Once we have participated in some of the fun, it is time to get back on track. For those of you that are extremely disciplined and are able to forego the candy craving DO IT! Others that want to enjoy, have a couple and get your fix.

We wish you all a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!! Don't be afraid to get rid of some of the excess candy, if having it laying around is adding too much temptation remove it from the situation.

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