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Meal Idea Monday - Let's Hear it for the Relleno!!!!!

I am not sure about you but my go to New Mexican Food Meal is a Chile Relleno! I had a recent craving for one, but of course I did not have to have the guilt and not to mention the upset stomach that comes along with it. I have some serious goals ahead of me, and sometimes the "cheat" is just not worth it! I needed to get my Chile Relleno fix, but need to make it fit within my meal plan so I can see some continued progress while satisfying this craving!

I played around in the kitchen for a bit - and had SUCCESS!!!! I have put together a meal plan idea - this will not have the detailed recipe like some of my posts, but you will get the idea.


  • Pepper (choose a pepper of your choice - this specific pepper I found at Sprouts in a 3 pack package - you can choose a Traditional Green Chile, Poblano Pepper or Bell Pepper)

  • Ground Turkey

  • Red Chile Sauce

  • Cheese (I used half of the allocated in my meal plan)

First I browned my ground turkey and stuffed the pepper with the cooked meat. Keep in mind I weighed my pepper to make sure it was a sufficient amount for my serving of 4 ounces and I measured my protein accordingly. I baked the pepper in my mini toaster / convection oven for 15-20 mins on 375 degrees. Keep in mind you can also put this in your air fryer or for super quick results you can put it on the the outdoor grill. Smother it with your Homemade Red Chile, add your allotted amount of Cheddar Cheese and serve.

This was VERY enjoyable!!!! Hopefully this is something you can give a try on your own and you can add your own twist on this. Keep in mind this is a meal idea that has ZERO carbs. So if you carbs are out of your plan - this is an ideal meal for you!

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