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Meet Christina Vogel!!!!

Christina Vogel was born in MI. Raised with two older sisters, she was a military "brat" and moved around frequently but has been in Albuquerque ever since landing here in 1993. She is married with two children and has a background in call centers for over 13 years. Christina was in a leadership role for 7 years working with her teams on how to offer exception customer services to their clients. Coach Isaac was in need of assistance with his growing business and she was the perfect fit. She is the behind the scenes expert who manages his calendar (which we all know is a busy one) and helps keep him organized in all of the day to day tasks go into the growing business. Christina feels as thought Coach Isaac is building an amazing team. This growth is going to give him the opportunity to help many more people. This is the attribute that made her interested in joining the team in the first place. She is excited to see the team grow and the level the team is going to take the business to. She is passionate about her family and helping others. It is very fulfilling for her to do anything she can to help and influence a group of people to be better and evolve. In her time working with Coach Isaac she has learned you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. And above all that people need to focus on being healthy and not the loss of the pounds on the scale.

We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Christina for her hard work and dedication to the King of Kings Superior Nutrition team and for being an AMAZING right hand woman for Coach Isaac!!!!

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