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Mexican Pizza.... Better than the one from Taco Bell!!!!

I recently had a client who LOVED the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell. Since it recently made a comeback, I was determined to come up with an option for this client! After much thought, I knew I would be able to make this work... and guess what? It was a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

Below you will find my version of a hearty Mexican Pizza which is certain to make you think of the possibilities we can incorporate in your meal plan. Mexican Pizza every night for dinner? YES!!!!! Ask and you shall receive!!!!


5 oz - 96% Lean Ground Beef (99% Turkey is another alternative)

2 - Low Carb Tortillas

1/3 cup (87 grams) refried beans (pinto or black)

1/4 cup (28 grams) shredded cheese

4 oz - Veggies


Warm tortillas in pan, spread refried beans on one tortilla, add ground meat, add veggies of your choice as desired and put other tortilla on top and toast in frying pan. You can choose to put the cheese on the inside which will give this more of a "quesadilla" feel or you can add cheese to the top.

Alternative Option: Add Red or Green Chile on the top of the Mexican Pizza to give it more added flavor.

This is a quick meal to put together and is BETTER than any Mexican Pizza you can get from a fast food location. Enjoy this option and this is sure to impress the entire family!!!!

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