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New Canned Product that Offers Convenience

Most of us have grown up with homemade beans and since the program we have definitely altered the manner in which we are making them. Before we would only approve beans that are made at home for the meal plan! Now the GREAT news is we have found "NO SALT ADDED" beans are an alternative option. This adds convenience for those busy individuals who just do not have time.

Majority of the "NO SALT ADDED" beans are approved. We do want you to look at the labels as well. We need to look at the sodium and it needs to be less than 30 mg of sodium per serving. The lower the better!!!!

You can find these options at your local grocery stores. You can also add some seasonings, garlic, jalapenos and herbs to add to the flavor. Get those creative juices flowing!!!! ENJOY!!!

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1 Comment

Oct 06, 2022

These no salt added canned beans is a game changer, thank you for the recipe, I love frito pies!

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