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We are happy to announce we have added this new product to our Meal Plan Platform! This is a great option for all of us AVOCADO LOVERS!!! Recently we have experienced some difficulty in either NOT finding ripe avocados and for those who found them - they have gone bad super fast!

Reasons why we LOVE this product:

  • They are always in season

  • You can freeze them

  • Only 5 mg of sodium

  • Portioned out in 2 oz cups

  • You can purchase them at Walmart, Neighborhood Walmart and Costco

Helpful Hint: Make sure you are purchasing the correct product they have a couple guacamole options that consist of high levels of sodium - we want to stay away from those options.

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1 comentario

These are amazing! They help with serving size, stay fresh, and the only thing in these are AVOCADOS! YUMMMMY....

Me gusta
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