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Perception is Everything!!!

King of Kings Superior Nutrition has started 2021 with a BANG!!! We are honored to be among all of you through your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We are here to support and educate you on what a healthy lifestyle is … and most importantly to sustain this healthy way of life for the future.

As Coach tells you during your initial appointment “Food is Fuel” and we want to feed you the right amount of food as it is your energy source. With that said, your meal plan is a weekly guideline of your foods that will be consumed for the entire week. We have two groups of people that perceive this in a very different way...

The first group is 100% fine with this. This group will get the changes to their plan, grocery shop accordingly (or already have items at home since they don't make MAJOR changes unless coach does) and do their meal prep. 9 times out of 10 it is something they have made before and they are on their merry way to another successful week!

The other group may find themselves to struggle with the repetition day in and day out. They are okay with the same items for the first few weeks, but tend to get bored. They need some variety and visually eating the same things can start to become challenging for them.

It certainly can be a mental game. If you talk to a chef or someone in the culinary industry they will say you eat with your eyes before you taste your meal… Think about that. If your food is visually pleasing before actually consuming it, it is going to be more satisfying and taste better. We want your meals to be enjoyable and more desirable… Think outside of the box - and “Perception is Everything.” Below are some examples of just how to accomplish this while NOT changing your meal plan.

Meal Plan Example: Ground Turkey, Veggies and Carb Chopper Tortilla

  • Meal #1 - Ground Turkey Burrito

Make a traditional ground turkey burrito and you can make your own red or green

chile and make is a “smothered” burrito

OR make it an “open faced” burrito and don’t fully wrap it

  • Meal #2 - Turkey Tortilla Burger

Who doesn’t love a good o’l tortilla burger with Green Chile, just like the one

grandma used to make

  • Meal #3 - Turkey Salad

Cut up your tortilla into thin strips and toast them in your air fryer or toaster oven to

crisp them up (spray with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”) and these are to be

added to the top of your salad as a garnish much like a crouton

And to take this a step further. If your “fat” in your meal plan is an egg below will give you ideas on how we have added this item to each meal in a creative way.

  • Meal #1 - Adding the egg has suddenly changed this to an amazing burrito with a breakfast twist!!!! OR all of the sudden you have created Huevos Rancheros from the open faced burrito!!!

  • Meal #2 - Fried Egg on a Turkey Burger????? YES PLEASE!!!

  • Meal #3 - There is a new dynamic that hard boiled eggs add your salad!!!!!!

Now you can see why perception is everything! We challenge you to try and incorporate a couple of these ideas in your future meal prep!!! Happy Meal Prepping!!!

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