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Philly Cheesesteak!!!! This is a MUST TRY!!!!

A client mentioned she was making a version and I had to try it for myself! I added a twist to them, but these are very easy! You have have all of the ingredients prepped and chopped - then get home and fry them up all together in the pan and DONE!


Lean Steak (thinly sliced)

Sliced Bell Peppers

Sliced Onions

2 Slices of Approved Bread (low carb tortilla or approved english muffin

1 Slice of Cheese

Garlic to taste (powder or fresh)

Additional Enhancements:

Chopped Jalapeños

Chopped Green Chile

Sliced Mushrooms

Use your spray oil and sauté your meat with your sliced bell peppers and onion. Add your garlic to taste and any other additional enhancements you like. Make your Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and enjoy! If you are on a lower carb diet just make a Philly Cheesesteak Bowl :)

Allow yourself to get creative and play with some different options or versions of the "norm."

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