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Queso & Quesadillas!!!!! YES!!!!

No words needed!!!!!!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Make sure the items included in this option are on your meal plan... if they are NOT make sure to talk to your nutritional coach to see if we can incorporate items in your meal plan on your next appointment.


2 carb chopper tortillas

5 oz. protein (chicken, turkey 99% ground, steak or ground beef 96% ground)

58 grams of cheddar cheese (try to get the lowest sodium content)

4 oz. Misc Vegetables

Green Chile or Jalapenos

Spray Oil or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray


Toast your tortillas in a frying pan using spray oil or spray "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"

Add your Vegetables, Cheese, Protein and Green Chile or Jalapenos to your tortilla....

Toast and ENJOY!!!!!

This vegetable medley below is a great option to always have readily available for your quesadillas, tacos or pretty much anything! It is versatile and always great to have on hand.

Quesadilla Vegetable Medley Idea:

Bell Peppers (all colors)

White Onion


Helpful Hint: If you are looking for an approved salsa to use for your quesadilla please refer to our "Tomatillo Salsa" which was an earlier blog post.

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