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Smile.... and Say CHEESE!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday King of Kings Family! As most of you know we recently have approved cheese and some of you might have this on your meal plan! It is all about balance of life right? I wanted to go over the numbers you should be looking for on your cheese to ensure it is approved and make sure that what you are selection is still within the allotted numbers to continue on this healthy lifestyle path. You will see below there is a breakdown on what is acceptable for BOTH your sliced cheese and your shredded cheese.

But first while I have your attention I want to go over the things to STAY AWAY from when it comes to cheese!


  • Some Mexican Cheese Blends

  • Majority of Italian Cheeses and Blends

  • Any Cheese that has Added Flavors or Spices

  • Non Fat or Low Fat Cheese -- We need the healthy fat!

As you know we really try to control and keep your sodium intake in a healthy range. Since you have been on the program you have been paying more and more attention to the sodium on your labels. Below you will find the permitted amount of sodium on the cheese type you have selected on your respective meal plan.

SLICED CHEESE - 140 mg of sodium or less per serving (slice)

SHREDDED CHEESE - 180 mg of sodium or less per serving (28 grams)

If you have any additional questions regarding cheese please talk to your nutritional coach!

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