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Something Sweet to Satisfy that Sweet Tooth!!!

Here is a little something to satisfy those sweet cravings! We all know what those cravings are like and since we are making healthier choices we want to make sure to keep those old sweets to a minimum. The cleaner we eat since eliminating all of the processed foods and excess amounts of sugar and sodium out of our bodies, when we go into "cheat" mode we really can feel the difference. We have all been there! You eat the "OLD" way and way much more that we can consume now. You feel sick, tired, lethargic and you are regretting it. Here is a nice option that gives you that sweetness we love, without going into cheat mode!



Chocolate PB2


Mix up your serving size of PB2. Make it a little runny, just enough to coat the strawberries. Then coat the strawberries and put them in the freezer for about 5-10 mins to set. I also drizzled a little left over on the strawberries since i had some left. And let's be honest who would want to waste any left over PB2 (especially the chocolate flavored)???? NOT ME :)

ENJOY this!

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