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Spicy and Saucey!!!!

When you start with us here at King of Kings we educate you and caution you to really know what you are putting into your body! Typically we know the main items that are bad sources for us to add to food and one of these main items are "sauces." Although we know most sauces are bad due to the high sodium and/or oil content - we try our best to find some that are approved and enjoyable!!!! We have done just that!!!!

We would like to introduce you to "Siete Botana Sauces" all four of these sauces are approved and within the allotted ranges for you to add them to your meals as condiments. As always please be sure to adhere to servings sizes as often times we can get carried away. Be sure to always measure for accuracy! These are available for purchase at your local Walmart or Neighborhood Walmart. We hope you enjoy them and hope they are able to offer a little something extra to your meals!!!!!

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