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Taco Bell Hack - Done Right!!!!

Calling ALL Tostada Peeps!!!! We have a Taco Bell hack that is sure to satisfy you! Below you will find an AMAZING recipe along with a NEW Product to add to your arsenal of approved sauces!!!

King of Kings Tostada Supreme


5 oz. 96% Lean Ground Beef

1/4 Cup Beans (65 grams) - Refried Bean hack listed below

Carb Chopper Tortilla

1/4 Cup (28 grams) Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream (additional option)

Fixings Below





Taco Bell Salsa (can be purchased at Walmart or neighborhood Walmart)

IMPORTANT - Only the Mild, Hot and Fire Sauces are Approved

Quick Recipe for Refried Beans

1/4 cup Diced White Onion

1 Can Beans (NO SALT ADDED)

Sauté onions using your spray oil, then add entire can of beans. Let them cook down and mash until they are the consistency you like for your refried beans.

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